What if transforming your online vibe into something that truly speaks to your audience and boosts your engagement was totally doable? Keep reading, because it absolutely is!

Say heyyyyy to:

The Brand & Content Kickstart

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Your strategic blueprint PLUS toolkit to take you from feeling uncertain about your brand’s direction to having a clear, compelling brand message AND an efficient content creation process to get you found, favored, and flourishing.

So, if you’re the go-getter type, hustling hard but dreaming of a way to make your brand truly resonate and your ideal audience shout “This is exactly what I need” – welcome aboard, you’re in the right spot.

REAL TALK: If you've been feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just plain stuck when it comes to branding and content...

…  it’s because these elements are foundational to connecting with your audience and driving your business forward.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: Having your brand voice and content dialed in isn’t just nice; it’s THE answer to getting visible and making more sales.

Here’s why you should sit up and take notice:

Buuuuuuuuuuut figuring out your brand's vibe and consistently pumping out content that sticks might have left you feeling more lost than ever…

You might be stuck with not knowing where to begin or how to stand out.

You might be experiencing frustration with keeping up with the constant demand for fresh, engaging content.

And really wanting to connect authentically with your audience but being unable to do that because of unclear messaging and a scattered content strategy.

And all this?

But as someone who was once in your shoes, I’m so excited to say it doesn’t have to be this way

What if you could turn the overwhelm of branding and content creation into your strongest asset, PLUS connect and convert like never before?

tina fey from 30 Rock running forward excitedly with arms pumping in the air

Hey there, I’m Sharon, and I get it. I’ve been exactly where you are, struggling to make my brand and content stand out in a world that seems to shout louder every day. 

But everything changed when I took a step back and laid a brand foundation of communication – the backbone of the Brand & Content Kickstart Package {and yep, I’m sharing all of it with you}.

Since nailing down this system:

My brand voice has never been clearer, and my content? It finally fosters real, meaningful interactions that have done more for my biz than anything else ever has.

The best news? This transformation from “just another brand” to “THE brand” is totally within reach for you too, and I’ve got the roadmap to get you there.

AND P.S. This package comes with a follow-up support guarantee to ensure you’re not just getting a one-off service but a continuous growth partner.

The Ingredients Behind the Brand & Content Kickstart Package

Your Brand, Under the Microscope

A brand audit, followed by a focused 90-minute session to refine your brand voice, pinpoint what sets you apart from others in your space, and craft a clear, actionable content strategy. This step ensures your brand not only stands out but speaks directly to the hearts of your audience.

Custom 30- Day Content Calendar

No more guessing games on what to post next. Get a just-for-you one-month content calendar, complete with prompts and strategic advice. This tool simplifies content creation, keeps you consistent, which boosts engagement, and builds a loyal following.

5 Custom Templates That Talk Your Talk

Get your hands on 5 custom email or social media templates that resonate with your brand’s voice and appeal to your target audience. These templates make it easy to maintain a strong, consistent presence across platforms.

And all this goodness? It’s distilled into the Brand & Content Kickstart Package, offering you a clear path to a standout brand and content success, minus the headache.

Imagine how it will feel...

To Go From THIS:


If all that sounds pretty damn good, then…

You’re Invited To Book Now:

The Brand & Content Kickstart Package

SHaron Wilkes brand messaging and content creation content mockup on computer screen, templates on table and paper, and an image of a cell phone

With The Brand & Content Kickstart Package in your corner, you’re all set for clearer messaging, streamlined content creation, and a booming online presence that truly reflects your vision and attracts the right crowd to your content and offers.

Let's unpack all the goods, shall we?

A deep dive into your current branding and content situation

VALUE: $1200

Say hey to content with a purpose!

The Comprehensive Brand Audit is here to support you with detailed analysis and insights (plus actionable recommendations), allowing you to align your brand with your core values and audience expectations.

In this audit, you’ll discover:

90-Minute Strategy Session

VALUE: $697

This is your personalized guidance and action plan. Delivered via a one-on-one session, this strategy meeting will go deep into the person behind your biz {that’s you!}, your goals, and your work cycle for a holistic plan that works for YOU.

blog post laptop couch

Custom 30-Day Content Calendar

VALUE: $297

In this essential tool, I’ll whip up a full month’s worth of content ideas all planned out, according you YOUR biz goals and preferred platforms. This could include how best to engage your audience or boost your online presence.

The result? You’ll have a clear, actionable content plan that enhances visibility, engagement, and sales, helping you reach your business goals without the stress.

All you have to do is, well, DO it!

5 Personalized Templates - In YOUR Voice

VALUE: $750

Based on EVERYTHING I learn about your brand, biz, and ideal audience, I’ll personally write 5 just-for-you templates you can use again and again in your biz!

The templates will be uniquely YOURS and written in your brand style for your audience. Just plug and play using the handy prompts and hit send.

The best part? A significant boost in content creation speed and quality, making your brand more relatable and your messages more impactful.

You pick from:

*Your templates are delivered to your inbox within 7 biz days of our strategy session.


ONLY $500

{Or 2 monthly payments of $297}

*Limited Time Offer. Naturally space is limited. Secure your spot before the calendar fills up!

Hear from folks who've been exactly where you are

“I was totally swamped with content… just kind of throwing everything I heard to do out there. Now it’s like my brand finally sounds like ‘me,’ and my IG audience is finally responding! Like, I’m actually getting DMs from people.”

– Alex, Bookkeeper 

Sharon taught me how to meet people right where they are and take my message to reach them in a personal way. My offers almost sell themselves now.

– Astrid, Website Manager

“Sharon, that’s good writing.”

– David, Reader’s Digest

PLUSSSS, I'm not gonna leave you hangin'

BONUS: 14 Days of Continued Email Support Just for You

If you’ve ever wanted a branding and content fairy godmother to answer your burning questions after a big strategy revamp…. 

Well, consider this bonus your wish granted.

Just by jumping on board with the Brand & Content Kickstart Package, you’re not only getting the full makeover kit but also two whole weeks where you can hit me up via email for extra guidance, tips, and cheerleading as you roll out your shiny new brand and content plan.

Think of this bonus as your safety net, making sure you feel chock full of confidence and support when you take those first crucial steps with your revamped strategy.


Here's What You're Getting

Deep Dive Brand Check-Up
90-Min Strategy Power Session
30-Day Custom Content Calendar
5 Tailor-Made Templates
BONUS: 14-Day Email Lifeline


ONLY $500

{Or 2 monthly payments of $297}

*Limited Time Offer. Naturally space is limited. Secure your spot before the calendar fills up!

Sharon Wilkes, copywriter and small business coach, medium length blonde hair in a pink shirt, looking at the camera and smiling

Who Is This Lady, Anyway?

I’m Sharon, your guide through the maze of connecting and selling with your words. For over a decade, building multiple six-figure businesses has taught me the ins and outs of what it really takes to be seen, heard, and selling online. 

Just like you, I’ve faced the overwhelm and exhaustion of non-stop content creation and the challenge of finding my voice, all while balancing the demands of business and personal life.

This is what inspired the Brand & Content Kickstart Package. It’s my way of sharing the blueprint to success I so wish I had when I started out.

I’m an educator at heart, no-fluff, and eager to see you take the reins of your biz and grow. I’m here to prove that with the right strategy {and action!}, your brand can and will flourish, without sacrificing who you are or your sanity.

So, if you’re wondering how to make your message resonate and cash register cha-ching, consider this your sign. I can’t wait to partner with you on this journey to get your brand out there, adored, and profiting.

Here's what other biz owners have to say about working with me {Sharon}


And in case you were worried -
you're protected by my 'Give-a-Damn Guarantee'

This isn’t a deliver and dash situation. I will NEVER leave you hangin’ after working with you. 


Because I genuinely want to see your biz thrive! I want you and your audience to adore your new brand and content. And I want to see you selling!

That’s why you’re getting a BONUS 14-day Email Lifeline – so you have support as you start taking action on your new plan. It’s your chance to ask questions about your calendar, get clear on your new brand messaging, and work out any kinks that may pop up.

So you can rest easy knowing you have someone on your side in all this {pssst…it’s me 👋}.

But wait, 'You must be giving me generic crap at this price'

Nope, and I'll tell you why...

I {Sharon} believe in empowering entrepreneurs to learn and grow, regardless of budget constraints. In fact, your business is my business and I treat it as such.

The Brand & Content Kickstart Package is my way of offering high-quality, impactful marketing support at an accessible price, addressing the common hurdles of brand messaging and content strategy.

This package is made by me for YOU so your business shines online, no matter where you’re at on your biz journey.

Still Wondering If This Is For You?

Yep, if you're seeing yourself in any of these spots, the Brand & Content Kickstart Package is literally designed with you in mind.

Curious about a few things? Let's clear them up!

Absolutely. The Brand & Content Kickstart Package is designed to sharpen your brand messaging and streamline your content strategy, making your biz more visible and engaging to your target audience {which naturally leads to more sales!}.

This package is designed to help you hone in on some of the MOST important biz fundamentals that get you found online, growing a fan base of buyers, and – yes -selling.

Here’s exactly what happens and you’ll get:

• You’ll answer a simple questionnaire so I can learn more about your brand and business as it is now. I’ll look over all the marketing elements you already have set up {for examples, social media accounts, website, shop, your copy, etc.}. Then, I’ll write up a handy Google doc letting you know what’s working for you and where you can improve.

• Next, we’ll meet up for a 90-min chat via Zoom {or pretty much however you want to chat online} to talk about your audit. That could include discussing your long- and short-term biz goals, what you wish for your brand, where you love to show up online, how much time you have to dedicate to creating content, and so many other things that matter to how others view your brand.

•From there, I’ll create a 100% just-for-you content calendar with 30 days of ideas and prompts laid out strategically for creating content that will help your biz get found in the places you want to show up, in the way you want to show up {dancing is 100% not necessary!}, and doable in the time you have.

• I’ll also deliver you either 5 email templates or 5 long-form social media caption templates {your choice!} written in your brand voice and niche in mind. These templates are plug-and-play style with prompts for you to add your bit, then post away. And the best part? They can be used again and again and again. I’ll show you how!

• PLUSSSSSS you have a full 14 days to email me with any questions you have about your new brand direction, marketing plan, or templates. Because I truly want this to work for you.

While individual time commitments can vary, the package is crafted to be efficient and impactful, with strategies that can be implemented even if you have a tight schedule.

Heck, even the 90-Min session can be shortened or done over email, Voxer, or DM. I’m flexible like that 🙂

This isn’t a course where you might have a limited amount of access to the materials. The audit notes, calendar, and templates are yours to keep forever. And don’t forget that 2 weeks of email support with me {Sharon}.

YES! That’s the beauty of a completely custom service like this. The Brand & Content Kickstart Package is tailored to work across a variety of industries by focusing on universal principles of branding and content strategy that resonate across markets.

While we don’t offer refunds for our time or digital products, we do believe in providing the very best experience for our customers and clients. That’s why we offer a bonus 14 days of email support to help you implement and work out any kinks.

Because I {Sharon} believe in providing accessible, high-value solutions that empower entrepreneurs and budding biz owners to grow their tome freedom and financial security without a hefty price tag.

 You’ll jump straight to my calendar to book your strategy session and answer a quick survey. You’ll also get a confirmation email {look for that and save it!}. After we meet via Zoom, Google Meet, or even Voxer or Email {I’m flexible like that}, I’ll jump on crafting your very own content calendar and 5 email or social media templates {your choice!}. Your audit notes, calendar, and templates will land in your inbox within 7 biz days of our meeting.

Have a question that’s not here? Feel free to reach out via email support@sharonwilkes.co or DM me on Instagram @sharonwilkesco. I’m here to help!

You’ve reached the end, and since you’re still here deciding if this is for you, there’s one last thing I will say:

And it’s this – no matter what you decide, whether you choose to add the Brand & Content Kickstart Package to overhaul your brand and content strategy or not…

DO NOT wait another day to secure your biz with a solid, compelling brand voice and basic content strategy to get you found, favored, and flourishing.

Because you DON’T want to look back later and think “I missed out on so much potential growth – gosh I wish I started sooner!” <–
that’s me, I’ve thought that.

And that’s because the Brand & Content Kickstart Package truly:

  • Cracks the code to making your brand stand out and magnetic to your ideal clients and customers.
  • Gets you talking with your audience in a way that feels both genuine and engaging. And THAT’S what resonates.
  • Plus, it hands you the reigns to a content strategy that’s as efficient as it is effective, not just now but over time.

Your part in this story? Just stepping up to say, “Let’s do this.”

It’s why the Brand & Content Kickstart Package now exists – to help YOU thrive online.

And this is your invitation to add this to your toolkit today – and if you do, I can’t wait to see where your brand goes from here.


Here's What You're Getting When You Book Now

Deep Dive Brand Check-Up
90-Min Strategy Power Session
30-Day Custom Content Calendar
5 Tailor-Made Templates
BONUS: 14-Day Email Lifeline


ONLY $500

{Or 2 monthly payments of $297}

*Limited Time Offer. Naturally space is limited. Secure your spot before the calendar fills up!

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